Rounded Stainless Steel Sanitary Hangers

for Hygienic Pipe & Tube Support Systems

stainless steel sanitary pipe and tube hangers

For clean work areas hygienic tube and pipe supports should be used. Stauff stainless steel sanitary hangers are designed and patented for rounded geometry to facilitate draining of residual cleaning fluids - there are no flat areas to act as a "shelf" for dust, and they use silicone inserts to maintain a seal around the tube or pipe to avoid entrapment during wash down. Both anchors and guides are compatible with steam line temperatures up to 400°F (204°C) continuously.

The heavy series type HHH series offers a CF8 (316ss) polished housing and several mounting options - whether you are suspending the tube or pipe from above, or supporting from the bottom or wall - our design eliminates flat shelf-like surfaces facing upward. Our specially designed fasteners allow the hanger to remain tight throughout the equipment life.

The slim line version type HHS incorporates a CF8M (304ss) polished housing designed to provide users, contractors and engineers a lighter weight hygienic hanger with captive fasteners providing a one piece, easy to install design without ever dropping a bolt.
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